"Applied Logistics" is a complex corporate portal, combining functions for both internal and external use. Initially, it was planned to develop one common resource for Russian and English, but in the process of analysis, due to large differences in the focus of the markets, it was decided to make two separate sites for each language, but use the common component base.

To speed up the development process, ready-made professional themes for Drupal 7 were used.

The bulk of the work was the publication of a large amount of data and their integration with the appearance theme.

The main features of the project

  • Content management system designed for unprepared users
  • Role-based access system with access control to different types of content
  • Ability to work with the following types of content:
    • Articles / News
    • Events with the possibility of registration
    • Technical documents of different types and permissions
    • Magazines / Books
    • Products
    • Information pages
  • A wide range of ready-made components to stylize materials
  • Functions designed for internal use