The customer requested to develop a portal for internal use by Blood Service employees. The main purpose of the portal is to provide convenient access to technical information on working with the Unified Information Database of Donors.

The main requirements and objectives of the project, which were successfully solved:

  • Compliance of the site design with the guidelines of the main site of the Blood Service.
  • Advanced management of articles and documents.
  • Full-featured forum.
  • Authentication with ESIA (Gosuslugi) option.

As a platform, Drupal 8 was used, which had all the necessary capabilities to solve the tasks.

File and media content management is implemented using the Media module, which is part of the Drupal 8 core. The forum functionality was implemented on the basis of the Forum module, which is also part of core. Authentication was implemented as an integration module for the Social Auth module, actively supported by the Drupal community. In this way, all the functionality has been implemented in accordance with the best practices and Drupal standards.

As the design system, the Material Design concept was used, which perfectly fits the style of the Blood Serving sites. As the base theme, the Material Base theme developed by us was used.