Project Facecar went through several versions implemented by 4D design specialists. The project got its present look in 2014, during the migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, during which a complete change in concept and design was also made. The main requirements for the new version were: a modern look, simplicity, and convenience for customers, a convenient structure, and product search.

The new design was developed in accordance with the store category, and emphasizing the focus specifically on tuning cars. Much attention was paid to even small details.

For the convenience of users, a number of solutions were implemented that are typical for modern stores:

  • Registration and tracking of order status without registration
  • Full-featured catalog search
  • Comments and customer reviews

The administrative interface also has a wide range of functions that simplify the work of store managers:

  • Flexible options for creating and managing orders
  • Automated import and update of products
  • Order statuses and automated customer notifications of changes