Hospital is a ready-made solution for hospitals and medical institutions.

The main part of the project was designed and developed for Moscow State Children's Hospital #9, where it was successfully implemented.

Later this experience was used to develop a separate ready-made solution for medical institutions and organizations of the following types:

  • Hospitals;
  • Polyclinics;
  • Private clinics.

Main features

  • Content management system designed for unprepared users (medical staff).
  • Role-based access system to provide the ability to work with content for various units.
  • Ability to work with the following types of content:
    • Specialist / Employee;
    • Department / Center / Committee / Branch;
    • Service / Disease;
    • News / Article;
    • Event;
    • Feedback;
    • Vacancy;
    • Resource.
  • Automatic update of all related data.
  • Search for all content types.

The solution has great potential for adaptation to specific tasks and style.

Adaptation can be made in a short time, without significant modifications of the solution.