"Jackal" board gamers community is the project of 4D design. The decision to make a website for the community came suddenly when the amount of accumulated information about the game became quite large and required structuring. It was also a task to provide simple and convenient access to it, especially from mobile devices.

For the convenience of working with a large amount of text, the Markdown syntax was used and a custom editor for it was made. The editor allows referring to other publications in a simpler way — by name, not by URL, as it usually does.

For ease of use on mobile devices, an adaptive design was implemented and for the first time, we applied the Material Design concept.

With the growth of the project and amount of new participants, there were a need in new sections, good search and feedback methods. A lot of ideas were proposed and developed by the authors and community members after the launch of the site.

Also later, the opportunity to use the site as a mobile application was made (PWA technology). The main data is cached and available even without connecting to the network.

Initially, the site was created on Drupal 7, but in 2018 it was migrated to Drupal 8 without stopping work. All the features and pages of the old site (including the old URL of the pages) were kept, as well as improvements in the work of some modules were added, the design and performance were improved.

Work and support of the project is a good example of a combination of hobbies and professional interests.