Material Base — is a base theme for Drupal 7 and 8, which implements Material Design concept by Google.

A base theme meant that it is like a set of components, which can be easily combined for making beautiful Drupal themes instead of making it from scratch.

But Material Base requires base knowledge of Drupal theming system as well as base knowledge of CSS. And even better if you familiar with SASS.

Material Base — is the theme for themers, developed and maintained by 4D design.


  • SASS CSS preprocessor
  • Compass SASS framework
  • Prism syntax highlighter
  • Flex box model layout
  • Flexbox Grid based grid system

Main features

  • Responsive
  • Multipurpose
  • Color themes
  • Dark theme
  • Icons

The development of the Material Base was conducted over a year. This project brings together excellent design solutions from Google professionals and our many years of experience with Drupal.

Unlike other themes for Drupal, which are mostly developed either with a completed visual style, or vice versa, only a structure, without styles, Material Base combines the advantages of both these approaches, and retains flexibility. The wide possibilities of customization allows reusing it on various projects, significantly reducing development time.