"The Мetro of the 2 сapitals" is a complex interactive resource about the metro in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

It is an open non-commercial project that was developed and actively supported by 4D design specialists, and by many people who render various assistance to the project.

The project has a long story, and it has been refactored and reworked many times. In 2016, was made a migration to the Drupal 8 platform (from Drupal 7), and the Material Design concept was applied.

The main features of the project

  • A unique, designed specifically for the project, a layer of subway objects overlaid on a Google map.
  • A large database of technical information about metro facilities.
  • Photo, renders and vector schemes of stations.
  • Chronology of construction, information about under construction and projected objects.
  • Convenient search, navigation, and statistics.

The project uses a number of solutions designed specifically for it. Development workflow includes testing platform and a possibility of smooth deploy to the working site.